There Are Significant Risks Running Any Sort of Excursion, Sport, Summer Camp, Field Trip or International Tour. Incidents on These Can Cause Significant Harm & Cost People Their Careers.

Programs outside the classroom make up a huge part of education today. However, every time an excursion or activity is run outside the classroom, a far more complex level of risk is involved. Most teachers aren't specifically trained to plan for and manage these added risks. However, they're expected to write risk assessments and run them as if they are. Staff without any risk management training is just an incident waiting for a time and place to happen. We can help you address this massive risk to your school, staff and students through specific safety training that gets results.

We Can Help You Address This Significant Risk!

Xcursion Risk Management Courses Are Striaght Forward & Specific. They're Designed To Build Confidence & Capacity So That All Your Programs Are Memorable For All The Right Reasons

International Stanadards For Risk Management

All courses are based upon International Standards - ISO31000 for Risk Management & Our International Travel course is based upon ISO31030, Risk Management For International Travel

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