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    Case Study: It Was Such A Busy Schedule... | 13 min

    • International History Tour - Case Study

    • Student Wellbeing on International Tours Summary

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Important Details About This Case Study


This course contains materials which may be upsetting to some participants, including serious illness references and confronting details of an incident which occurred on a school trip that resulted in a fatality. Case studies and examples are designed to highlight the dangers and risks involved in these types of activities and help prevent them from occurring in the future. Please bear this in mind before you start the course. We have made every effort to ensure these matters are presented in a meaningful and sensitive way to help improve safety. However, if something from this course does trigger something in you, please connect with a professional counseling service immediately.


Senior Instructor Global Risk Management

Paul Tame

Having worked in the outdoor education and adventure leadership industry for over 30 years, Paul has served as a risk management consultant for various outdoor schools, worked in numerous countries as both a field instructor, guide, program administrator and basecamp director and has been working specifically with higher education programs in the US for the last 11 years. A particular focus, when looking at risk management systems, is employee engagement and staff buy-in with risk mitigation systems. Prior to working with Xcursion Paul was a senior lecturer at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, CO, where he had worked for the past 11 years, leading expeditions both domestically and internationally, facilitating and teaching in the classroom and serving the schools risk management committee. Before moving to CO, Paul worked for Outward Bound (in 6 countries), the National Outdoor Leadership School, and also, works in an ongoing capacity as a senior consultant with Action Learning Associates (USA).

Senior Instructor Australiasia Risk Management

David Gregory

With over 23 years in outdoor education, David Gregory has developed and run residential outdoor education and complex excursion programs for some of the largest private schools in Australia and has trained staff, built effective risk management systems, and consulted on operational and risk management practices. David’s work has been strongly influenced by the need to provide great educational opportunities for students to grow personally and academically through experiential education as well as ensure risks are minimised and well managed.

Experiential Education & Risk Mgt Instructor

Raeanna Anglen

Rae Anglen is an Outdoor Educator with a passion for building effective and wholehearted leaders. Leaning on her progressive multi-industry management experience—whether that’s managing trail crews deep in the wilderness, guiding and instructing outdoor excursions, or building new systems of operation for multi-million dollar delivery service companies—Rae understands that the foundation of risk management begins with our ability to understand ourselves and others. Since she is located in Gunnison, Colorado, on any given day you may find Rae white-water rafting, backpacking, ice climbing, Nordic skiing, fly fishing, or chasing sunsets.

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