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Getting Ready For Your Next Excursion, Camp or Activity?

Ready to Build Upon Your Knowlegde & Skills?

This quick refresher course will help you focus on important key parts of your risk management planning and an processes and counts towards your continuous improvement practices.

Xcursion Professional Development courses take you step by step through the risk management process, so you can confidently assess and manage a whole range of risks for your excursions and activities and make each program safer.


• Improve Safety

• Reduce Incident Risks

• Reduce exposure to personal legal liability

• Build Confidence in Managing Risks

• Avoid lengthy, expensive legal investigations

• Hear some fun stories

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This course contains materials which may be upsetting to some participants, including references and case studies which explore confronting details of incidents which have occurred on school trips that have resulted in serious injuries and/or death. Case studies and examples are designed to highlight the dangers and risks involved in these types of activities and help prevent them from occurring in the future. Please bare this in mind before you start the course. We have made every effort to ensure these matters are presented in a meaningful and sensitive way to help improve safety. However, if something from this course does trigger something in you, please connect with a professional counseling service immediately.

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