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This is a limited series of experiential workshops to help you get results and improve safety across all your programs

Program safety is critical to the success of every program you're running. Good risk management decisions happen weeks, months and years in advance and specific training is a critically important part of that. The following in-person courses provide a great opportunity to workshop various aspects of risk specific to school and outdoor programs to build upon your knowledge and experience and develop great risk management systems and processes to support the educational outcomes.

Melbourne - International School Travel Training Day - 16th Mar

MicDrop - Hawthorne

  • $599.50

    $599.50International School Travel - Program Safety Training Day - Melbourne 16th Mar 2023

    Are you taking students overseas on study tours, sports trips, community service or expeditions? If so, this 1 Day solutions-based workshop will help you & your team understand and plan for the the additional complexities of international risks.
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Brisbane - International School Travel Training Day - 17th Mar

Venue - TBC

  • $599.50

    $599.50International School Travel - Program Safety Training Day - Brisbane 17th March 2023

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